At The Strike of Twelve (Part III)

The quartet had been walking for quite a while now, and Clara was starting to shiver, as well as doubt whether Washington actually knew where he was going. The Doctor was looking around the woods, trying to get a clear view of everything, though Clara could not possibly imagine why the Doctor needed to see every tree, as they all looked the same to her, until the Doctor stopped them, walked up to a tree, touched it, came back to them and announced, “I thought so,” then continued walking. Washington stared at the Doctor, who had suddenly taken the lead; Clara just rolled her eyes. “Thought what, Doctor?” The Doctor turned he head slightly and said, “I love a good elm tree, and I had a feeling we were near an elm tree. I do enjoy being right, it happens a lot.” Washington snorted at this, “you’re quite the humble one, Doctor.” The Doctor turned around and smiled at Washington, but said nothing more, as the armor, which had been keeping a diligent pace, suddenly stopped walking and went rigid. Washington and Clara, who were closest to it, backed away quickly. The Doctor did just the opposite, and walked straight towards the armor and again tried to pull out his sonic, realized he didn’t have one, and just watched the armor’s actions. The armor again opened up, and there was the audible snap of a twig, which caused the trio to turn to the source of the sound. Clara was the first to turn back to the armor, and screamed when she saw what it was doing.

“Bloody Hell, will you put me down, please! I want to help you!” The Doctor yelled this, visibly angry at the turn of events, The owner of the armor, an Ice Warrior, was back inside of the armor and had grabbed the Doctor by the shoulder, which must not have tickled by the Doctor’s reaction. The Ice Warrior sniffed the Doctor, dropped him, and wheezed, “Doctor…you have changed your face, again. Quite a nice parlor trick.” The Doctor got to his feet, brushing himself off, still annoyed, and rubbing his shoulder. “It’s not a bloody ‘parlor trick’ and you know it. I died, and now I am reborn in these ridiculous clothes. We were trying to return that armor, by the way, so I believe a thank you is in order.” Clara stared wide eyed at what was transpiring before her. How could the Doctor possibly think an Ice Warrior-easily three times his size-would apologize to him, even if he is the Doctor, and they do have prior history? “Thank you, Doctor, the return is much appreciated, you know how important the armor is to our survival.” Clara’s jaw dropped. The last time she had seen an Ice Warrior, it was completely content with blowing the Doctor, now it was thanking him. Clara motioned to Washington to go over to the Doctor, as it seemed safe, but when looked over, she realized it was not going to be that easy. “Come on, George, we can go to the Doctor now, it’s safe!” But George Washington was gone.

“George! George! Where did you go?!” Clara looked around frantically, afraid that the Ice Warrior had attacked him on it’s way back to the armor, but then she heard a familiar *click* and she knew where George had gone, and she knew the Doctor was not going to like it when he found. George Washington was making a beeline for the Doctor and Ice Warrior, rifle in hand, and upon reaching the two, stood in front of the Doctor and exclaimed, “run, Doctor! I’ll take care of this disgusting beast!” The Doctor just rolled his eyes, “I apologize, Kalgar, I neglected to mention I brought along a clown for your entertainment, he didn’t want to wear the clothes that came with the gun.” The Ice Warrior named Kalgar was not the least bit amused, and reached for the gun, which caused Washington to pull the trigger, which caused sparks to fly off of Kalgar’s armor, which did not seem to do anything aside from annoy Kalgar as well as infuriate the Doctor. Kalgar was nonetheless able to get a grip on Washington’s gun, and ripped the barrel from what was in Washington’s hands. This caused Washington, in a fit of utter stupidity, to throw his half of the gun at Kalgar’s head. The toss missed, but it was enough for the Ice Warrior to grab Washington by the neck and lift him up to his eye level. “DO. YOU. KNOW. WHO. YOU. ARE. FIGHTING?!” came the fierce bellow from Kalgar, who was none too please by how his armor was being returned to him.

“That’s exactly it, Kalgar, he doesn’t know who he is fighting! Please, put him down, he is incredibly important and really not worth the effort!” With the Doctor’s plea, Kalgar dropped Washington, who landed in a heap, clutching his neck and coughing. Clara ran over and helped Washington to his feet, rubbing his back apologizing frantically for anything she could think of. Kalgar chuckled at Washington, “you are in the Doctor’s debt, if he had not been here, I would have snapped your head off of your shoulders with a simple squeeze. You should remember that.” The Doctor changed the subject, “yes well, he can buy me a soda or something. Regardless, Kalgar, what are you doing on Earth, at this time? Shouldn’t you be on Mars?” Kalgar grunted, “yes, I was traveling home when I was hit by a stray asteroid, I think. when my ship crashed, I was separated from my armor. I had been observing this planet’s culture when I sensed my armor was nearby, and that this puny human had stolen it.” “He..hey! I didn’t steal anything! I was going to return it after the rebellion tonight! It was just sitting there, if you sensed it, why weren’t you inside it already!” Kalgar ignored Washington, still annoyed by the failed attempt to hurt him. “Hm, I see Kalgar, where is your ship? Perhaps I could help you, or at least take a look.” Kalgar motioned for them to follow, and they were all off walking again, jogging more to keep up with Kalgar, who was much swifter than the armor alone.

Stayed Tuned for Part IV!


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