At the Strike of Twelve (Conclusion)…


Kalgar roared in frustration, and pulled his large hand off of the Doctor’s neck. The Doctor brushed himself off, annoyed and taking extra time to further annoy Kalgar. “I had a feeling you weren’t 100% savvy when it came to the controls, aside from the fact that it seemed you intentionally crashed this ship. Ice Warrior culture is based on a soldier’s honor, I knew one could not be a very good liar.” Kalgar stood uncomfortably close to the Doctor, unnerved by how fearless and in control the Doctor seemed to be, especially since Kalgar was a little more pressure away from snapping his head off of his shoulders. Though Ice Warriors were fearless, Kalgar could not help but think he may have bitten off more than he could chew with the Doctor. The self destruct clock interrupted the silence, FOUR MINUTES UNTIL SELF DESTRUCT. The Doctor, pleased with himself, looked into Kalgar’s eyes and said simply, “now, Kalgar, what’s going to happen next is going to be so simple, you could do it blindfolded. You are going to be a good soldier, and you will return my friends to me, we will leave your ship, *after* I turn off your self destruct, you will fly somewhere else and cause trouble until I find and stop you again, just like I am doing now. Now, if you would be so kind.” The Doctor stretched out a hand as a means to allow Kalgar to lead the way. But Kalgar did not move. He just stood, statue-like, staring at the Doctor, until Kalgar fell forward, purple ooze coming out of the neck of his armor. The Doctor looked around for the culprit, confused.

“Hello, Doctor, we are the Ice Warriors or Mars. We apologize for the trap set by this despicable disappointment of our culture. We were able to track him and now we have disposed of him. Please set our ship to return to Mars, and we will unlock your friends from their prison.” The Doctor was furious. Here he was, about to save his friends and send Kalgar on his way, unharmed, and the blasted marshal law of the Ice Warriors comes in and blasts it all to hell. “You bloody idiots! This Warrior was completely misguided in his ways because your culture refuses to accept anyone who is different. Kalgar had an economical mind, which was just too different for all your warlike thoughts. He could have been great, with some guidance! He could have made the Ice Warriors of Mars the greatest war and economy planet in all of the galaxy!” The Doctor stared at the ceiling of the ship, awaiting a response, knowing there was nothing they could say. After a few seconds of silence, again the ship rang out, SELF DESTRUCT IN TWO MINUTES, THIRTY SECONDS. With that, the Doctor sprinted the length of the ship, searching frantically for the dungeons, cursing his regeneration and inability to have his sonic. Finally, he found them and was able to get into the dungeons, where Clara and Washington sat in fear, their faces lighting up when they saw the Doctor. “So sorry, you two, I knew he was going to take you both hostage, i’m afraid I pushed him along to get things to progress faster.” Clara and Washington just blinked at the brutal honesty of the Doctor. The Doctor picked up a rock and, before beginning to pound the chains with a rock, said, “I’ll accept that silence as forgiveness and a thank you.” He then set to work on the chains, getting them shattered and pulling the two out of the dungeons right as the ship rang out SELF DESTRUCT IN ONE MINUTE, THIRTY SECONDS. The trio sprinted towards the hatch from which the entered, when it suddenly slammed shut.

“Oh, blast it!” The Doctor yelled as he kicked the air in anger. “What, instead of one innocent life, you want to take four? Is that it? Then do it! I know you must have missiles locked on us right now, so just bloody do it!” Washington was fearing for his life, banging on the door relentlessly, his knuckles starting to bleed, and then collapsed, sobbing quietly in fear. Clara put her arm around him, comforting him. “Kalgar was hardly an innocent life, Doctor! He was correct in his assumption, your value is limitless. Your compassion has always been seen as a major flaw. We will not hurt you, Doctor, as long as you set the ship to return to our planet. Only then will we release you.” The Doctor threw his arms up in frustration, then went over to the controls. After a few agonizing button clicks and lever movements, Clara, Washington and the Doctor were off the ship, and the ship took off for the stars. As they began to walk back, the Doctor stumbled over clutching his chest. “Doctor! What is it?” Clara rushed over to the Doctor, who was smiling as she got up to him. The Doctor then reached into his chest pocket, and pulled out a glowing golden key. “She’s back!” The Doctor began sprinting as he said this, running to his shiny, freshly regenerated TARDIS. As they approached it they remembered: Washington! He was not far behind and when he finally got to them, he saw the clock, far off in the Boston Square, and slapped his forehead. “Oh no! The rebellion starts soon! I would have missed it, if not for you, Doctor, and you Ms. Oswald! Thank you for everything. You have shown me what a true leader looks like, and how they act-”


They looked up and saw what looked like a small light suddenly shine brighter for a split second, then fade completely. The Doctor chuckled when he saw this, then turned to Washington, “George, my boy, it was a pleasure, and I have a feeling you’re going to be a great one!” He clapped Washington on the shoulder, shook his hand, and said, “go off and rebel, George Washington. And if I might make a suggestion? Native Americans.” Washington stared at Clara and the Doctor blankly. The Doctor suddenly realized he misspoke, “oh, right, silly me, I believe you call them ‘Indians’! Dress as Indians for your rebellion!” Washington thought for a moment, then smiled. “Great idea, Doctor! I will never forget you!” With that, Washington sprinted off, and the Doctor smiled as he put the key into the door of the TARDIS. Clara just stared at the Doctor and said, “you blew up the ship, didn’t you?” The Doctor turned to Clara, chuckled again, she was starting to grow fond of that chuckle. “Yes, I did Clara, thank you for noticing!” Clara rolled her eyes, then became very fearful, “won’t that anger them, Doctor?” The Doctor, who had just opened the door to the TARDIS and was about to enter, stopped, turned around again, put a hand on Clara’s shoulder and said, “yes, they probably won’t like it. In fact, they’re probably furious with me. But, do you know what they did to cause that to happen?” Clara just stared, thinking, as the Doctor walked into his splendid new TARDIS. “No, what did they do, Doctor?” The Doctor called back three very poignant words that rang in Clara’s skull.”

“They angered me.”

As Clara walked into the TARDIS, her jaw fell open. Bright and shiny silver was everywhere, and there was a straight path to the TARDIS center console. Shiny buttons, a typewriter keyboard, and other odds and ends littered the controls, which looked more complicated than ever. The wall was covered in “the round things,” and Clara winced, thinking of her Doctor and how excited he was when he saw them for the first time. The Doctor walked out from where Clara assumed the new wardrobe was. The Doctor looked positively dashing in his new outfit. Dressed in a pair of black loafers and jeans, this Doctor opted for a white shirt, a black cravat, and a beautiful black velvet vest with a watch chain in one of the pockets. The Doctor, very proud of his new look, walked up to Clara and the TARDIS console, smiled at her, and with a wild look in his eye, asked,

“So, where to next?”

The End?


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