At the Strike of Twelve (Part IV)

The Doctor, Clara and Washington had been walking behind Kalgar for what felt like hours, until finally, they arrived at a clearing, where it seemed an enormous ditch had been dug. Upon closer observation, however, it was discovered to be a crater caused by a large, black ship. It seemed to have scales similar to that of Kalgar’s armor, and there was a low hum coming from it that made Clara and Washington’s stomachs turn. The Doctor’s eyes grew wide in excitement upon seeing the ship, and hopped down into the ditch with the energy of a man much younger than he looked and was. That was something Clara seemed to forget since the Doctor regenerated. Though he was thousands of years old, the Doctor always had boundless amounts of energy. Of course, this Doctor had not shown that until that small hop. Clara was pulled from her daydream when the Doctor cried, “Amazing! I have never seen an Ice Warrior ship up close, absolutely amazing!” The Doctor was like a kid in a candy store, running up and down the length of the ship, trying to observe every inch of the ship, seeming to forget there was an inside, as he had jogged past an open hatch about three times. Clara smiled, the Doctor’s actions reminding her of chin boy and his bow ties, remembering that that Doctor was still in there, somewhere within this gruff older man. “Doctor, would you like the go inside, the problem is actually with my control panel.” The Doctor clapped his hands together, and smiled again. “Yes, I would love to. Come, Ms. Oswald and Mr. Washington, there is work to be done!” The quartet walked into the ship, Clara starting to worry how this was affecting Washington. She had been traveling with the Doctor for some time now, and this was par for the course, really. But for Washington, who probably lived off of candles and horses, and probably would scoff at electricity, well, this could be a bit shocking.

The Doctor immediately rushed to the controls, which seemed endless. There were buttons of every color Clara could think of, and some she had never seen before. There was a large cylinder in one corner filled with some sort of thick, green, mucus like goo. Clara had a hunch it was some sort of food supply, but she was afraid how she would react if her hunch was confirmed. “It’s a waste tank. Ice Warrior ships usually travel long journeys, and there needs to be a pilot at all times.” Clara turned to Kalgar after hearing this explanation, and gagged a bit, then said “so, no bathroom breaks, then?” Kalgar shook his head, made a gravelly, hoarse noise that must have been an Ice Warrior’s version of laughter, and walked back over to the Doctor, who was enraptured by the control panel. “I am getting close to pinpointing the issue, I believe, Kalgar. But it may take a little while, why don’t you give my companions a tour of your ship, I think Clara was mighty fascinated by the tank you explained to her.” Nobody could see the small smile on the Doctor’s lips, but Washington and Clara could almost smell the sarcasm in his voice. Ice Warriors probably do not practice sarcasm, so Kalgar grabbed the two by the shoulder and guided them out of the cockpit as the Doctor continued to work.”

Clara and Washington were very uncomfortable. Kalgar had not loosened his grip on their shoulders, and he was not speaking much. If this were a tour, Clara thought, then Ice Warriors must have a different definition for it. Every so often, Kalgar would grunt something, such as “galley” or “sleeping quarters.” Finally, Clara was able to wriggle out of Kalgar’s grip, and she turned to face him. It was so sudden, Kalgar almost bowled her over completely, but stopped in time and looked down at her, confused. “I want to go back to the Doctor, see how he’s doing.” Kalgar looked down at her, grabbed her around the waist and threw her over his shoulder. As if this were not obvious enough, Kalgar also said “no,” and dragged the now struggling Washington deeper into the ship, Clara kicking his armor futilely. Clara tried to scream, but Kalgar squeezed her, knocking the wind out of her, and causing her to cough uncontrollably. Kalgar walked into a dungeon like room, and chained up the two against a wall, making that horrid chuckling noise again. Clara and Washington continued to struggle, until both of the screamed in agony, as the chains began to send strong electric charges through their bodies. “Stop fighting, otherwise the chains will kill you,” Kalgar growled. “What a haul! A beautiful girl, you’ll make a great slave or entertainer, and the future President. Plus, I have the greatest prize in the universe. I have a Time Lord! The Time Lord, in fact. I have the Doctor on board!” With that, Kalgar slammed the door, bathing Clara and Washington in darkness.

The Doctor knew something was wrong. There was nothing wrong with the control panel, in fact, there was literally no reason this ship should have crashed unless the pilot wanted it to crash. Plus, Kalgar’s tour should not have taken more than five minutes. Ice Warrior tours are notoriously quiet, short, and fast. He heard the loud, heavy footfalls of Kalgar coming his way, his blood beginning to boil. “I have quite a temper now, don’t I?” thought the Doctor as Kalgar’s footsteps stopped, announcing his presence back in the cockpit. “What have you done with them,” the Doctor demanded, through gritted teeth and without turning around. Kalgar, somewhat surprised, simply said, “your associates grew weary from the walking, the female especially. I showed them to the sleeping quarters, where they immediately fell asleep.” The Doctor slowly turned around, his face expressionless, “then take me to them.” Kalgar shook his head, “you have much work to do, and I don’t think you would want to disturb them.” “There are beds in my TARDIS, Clara can sleep there, and Washington lives here. It would also be too much of a shock for them when they wake up, or at least in Washington’s case.” Kalgar again shook his head, and simply said, “please repair my ship Doctor.” The Doctor laughed and bared his teeth, walking towards Kalgar, “I would, but you see, through my observations of you and your ship, it appears to me that there is actually no reason for this ship to have crashed…unless you wanted it to. Thus, it it safe for me to say that you are not who you claim to be, Kalgar. In fact, I am willing to bet money-and I’m quite a smart at it-that this is not your ship. Also, I’ll guarantee you stole this ship, and have been scavenging the universe, capturing and stealing things of value and selling them to the highest bidder. But why? Probably because you were discharged from Mars for something. What, exactly, I don’t know.” Kalgar stared at the Doctor, then emitted that gut wrenching chuckle again. “They said you were good, Doctor, they never said how good. I wonder if you will fetch a better price dead than alive.” With that Kalgar lunged at the Doctor, his huge hand raping around the Doctor’s long neck, pinning him to the controls. Immediately, the Doctor, with one hand, pressed four buttons in succession, and a red light bathed over them. “SELF DESTRUCT ACTIVATED. TIME LIMIT SET AT FIVE MINUTES.” The Doctor smiled and managed to croak, “Kalgar, you have NO idea who you’re dealing with.

Stay Tuned for the Conclusion!


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