The Devil’s Duo

This is a fanfic featuring character’s from BBC’s “Doctor Who,” starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald

The TARDIS shuddered and groaned as it materialized in it’s latest location, as the Doctor and Clara had been traveling for a while now. The Doctor was unable to resist a nice long trip in his newly regenerated TARDIS, which Clara was still trying to get used to. The walls were very nice to look at (the round things!), but the way the Doctor made deliberate, measured movements as he operated is what threw her off the most. She was used to the clumsy and sometimes downright silly movements of the man she called in her head her Doctor, he of the bow tie and the tweed, which was a far cry from this Doctor, with his velvet vest, jeans, loafers, white shirt and black cravat. Clara was having trouble deciding what was more odd: a cravat or a bow tie. The Doctor had even decided on a pocket square for his vest pocket, today’s being a hot pink with yellow polka dots, which gave Clara a headache when she looked at it. “We’ve landed,” the Doctor announced, “ready to see where we are?” This question suddenly spurred Clara’s brain back to reality: she had not once during the trip asked the Doctor where they were going. How odd and silly of her, she still was not sure if this Doctor could be trusted. His words after blowing up that Ice Warrior ship still rang in her head, like the headache she got when she looked at the Doctor’s hideous pocket square.

“They angered me.”

The Doctor had disappeared, but before Clara could run off to find him, he returned, with something long and black over one arm. As they approached the TARDIS doors, the Doctor put on the long black trench coat he had pulled from the wardrobe. Clara stared at his and he brushed off some stray dust, “what? It could be cold outside!” With that, the Doctor pushed open the TARDIS doors and Clara’s jaw dropped again. It was Earth. A full image of the globe she called home, but from a crater on the moon. “Ah, the moon! That’s where I took us!” Clara turned around and stared again at the Doctor, just like she did when he first appeared to her in a flash of gold in a different yet same TARDIS, “you didn’t know where you were going?” The Doctor stared at her much like a father stares at their child when he or she does not listen to them, with some resignation and annoyance, “I asked you if you knew how to fly it and you were no help, so I had to…learn on the fly, if you’ll pardon the pun.” The Doctor walked out of the TARDIS after saying this, staring at everything he could lay his eyes on, going on one knee and picking up some moon dust at one point, then lightly tossing it from his hand, watching it float in front of him, as though frozen in time. Sometimes the Doctor felt that way: stagnant, frozen in time, as though he had no true purpose other than saving planets and races too pig headed to save themselves. It simultaneously saddened and overjoyed the Doctor that he was needed so much. Why couldn’t everyone just think like him and do things the way he did. He hated himself for certain things he had to do in certain lives he lived, yet he felt as though his greatest act did not end the way he thought it did. There was this feeling he had…

“Men! Never asking for directions! Isn’t there a TARDIS manual or something Doctor!” Clara had caught up to the Doctor and saw his face, a cocktail of melancholy, hope, and confusion. “Doctor…are you alright?” Clara put her hand on the Doctor’s shoulder, who had not looked back for the source of the noise. “Wh…what? Oh, Clara, there you are. Am I alright? Yes, yes I’m fine, thank you…I was just…thinking about things is all. Sorry about the lack of TARDIS knowledge, this has happened before, but it all comes back in due time, no need to fuss. Come, would you like to see more of the moon?” The Doctor began to walk off, looking straight ahead as he did so, trying not to elicit any more questioning from Clara. He was the Doctor, he could not simply talk about his feelings, he needs to be everyone else’s rock! The Doctor was pulled from his self discipline session when he noticed something odd about the moon’s surface. They were nowhere near the footsteps the astronauts had taken, yet there were large footprints-much larger than any human’s-all over this area, as well as some razor thin…were those tire tracks? The Doctor reached into his pocket for his new sonic, and what a sonic it was. Long, tube like, it had a nice end piece for his hand to grasp it and on the other end was the bulb, which glowed a bright golden light when he ignited it. The Doctor had played with it a lot in the TARDIS and finally was now able to use it for some good. He pointed it down towards the footprints and pressed the button, closing his eyes to fully appreciate the high pitched buzzing noise it emitted, then, pressing another button, read the results of the scan. His eyes grew wide and he scowled as he took in the results of the scan, then stood up to his full height. “Clara,” the Doctor called, “this way please!”

Under the feet of Clara Oswald and the Doctor, the owner of those footprints were thundering through a laboratory, carrying bits of robot pieces. Suddenly, it stopped, dropped its cargo, and pounded its chest in recognition of its leader. The leader then spoke, in a thick, buzz-like voice, “what is the status of project ‘CL’?” The other figure responded, “status report: 75% completed, we are still awaiting assistance from our allies of the project.” The leader spoke again, “I will contact them for a status report, await further instruction.” With that, the leader left the room and shut the door.

The Doctor and Clara were still walking, neither of them uttering a word as they went. Finally, the Doctor became fed up and turned to Clara, “we need to go back to the TARDIS, I apologize for making you walk all this way.” Clara and the Doctor turned around and began their return trek. “But, I thought you didn’t know how to operate it yet, wouldn’t it be better if you waited?” The Doctor shook his head, “sometimes the mind needs a bit of a spark to fully work again. Besides, the TARDIS is alive, so i’m sure we could work in sync with each other to get where we need to go.” Clara was not satisfied with this answer, “but, Doctor, we don’t even know where to go!” The Doctor turned and smiled at Clara, a wild eyed, slightly crooked smile, “I have some ideas, my dear Clara, I have some ideas.” Suddenly, a very familiar voice called out to them from the distance.

“Oh, you always have ideas, but happen to know where you need to go!” The Doctor turned around slowly, recognizing this voice, and wincing a bit. “Oh, hello there, I assume you’re joining us now?” The owner of the voice smiled and called back, “Hello, sweetie, and yes, I believe I am!”


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