The Devil’s Duo (Part II)…

This is a fanfic featuring characters from the BBC’s “Doctor Who,” starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman…

The Doctor was in shock, and he didn’t like the feeling, as it was his first time being in shock since regenerating. River Song, here! How did she get here, then again, how did she get anywhere? River Song, a curvaceous, older looking part human, part time lady with wild blonde curls, had this odd knack of always appearing at random points throughout the Doctor’s timeline, never managing to meet him at the correct time. With the Doctor’s recent discovery, he was not entirely sure if Professor, or Doctor, Song’s appearance was a good one or a bad one. “River? What are you doing here?” the Doctor demanded, as Clara looked on, a bit shocked but more confused than anything else. She had only met Professor River Song once before, in a dream state, and also as a hologram, but never had seen the real River in person, until now. “Oh, you know, traveling and I got bored, so I decided to take a trip to the moon. Vortex Manipulator.” River held up her left wrist, as though this explained everything, which it did. Upon her wrist was a sleeve like wrist apparatus, which seemed to have a screen and not much else. “I see you’ve changed again, not a bad look, bit grayer than I remember you.” River smiled mischievously as she walked around the Doctor, exploring his regenerated form. “Always skinny though, that never seems to change, matchstick man.” The Doctor rolled his eyes, “River, what are you doing here, what do you want, and what do you mean, you know where to go?” River frowned at the Doctor, not sure if she liked this prickly new Doctor. “Those footprints, you know what they are, don’t you? You’ve fought against them I don’t know how many times, you should know their makeup by heart!” The Doctor whipped out his sonic and spat back, “they’ve changed form over the years, and I don’t…remember what form they take currently. Bit of a memory jumble, if you must know.” Clara nodded in agreement to River, who walked over to her, “I believe we have met once before, somewhere in my future. Professor River Song.” River held out her hand, which Clara took and shook. “So, what are we looking at this time?” Clara asked, wild eyed and smirking.

“Cybermen, if I’m not mistaken,” The Doctor said simply, “and I doubt I am.” River and Clara rolled their eyes in unison, both nonplussed by the Doctor’s arrogance. The Doctor scanned around with his sonic, “whatever they’re doing here, they’re keeping things under wraps, my guess is they must be underground, where, though-” “I know where they are, Doctor, follow me.” River cut in and walked off, Clara stumbling after her, and the Doctor bringing up the rear, slightly annoyed he was interrupted and that someone else was taking the lead. River led them on for quite some time until they finally made it to what looked like a poorly dug hole leading somewhere the Doctor was eager to discover. The Doctor walked up to the edge of the hole, looked at Clara and River, smiled, and jumped down, landing with a faint thump, giving the impression it was a far fall. “Well, come on! Don’t be afraid, it’s all sand down here!” River and Clara looked at each other, grabbed each other’s hand, and jumped. The landed quicker than they originally thought they would, and landed softly at that. Like the Doctor said, it was almost as if they had jumped into a desert, which they thought was odd because they were on the moon, but Clara had learned not to question these things.

The Doctor led the way, his sonic buzzing away, the golden light bathing the darkness ahead like a flashlight. The Doctor chuckled to himself, admiring his own ingenuity, as though no other incarnation of him would ever come up with using their sonic as a flashlight. They walked on and on, until finally they heard what sounded like low, dull thuds up ahead. The Doctor stopped walking and turned off his sonic, causing River and Clara to almost walk head on into the Doctor, as the darkness had returned. “Don’t move,” came the Doctor’s voice in a hoarse whisper. They waited until the footsteps faded off, and the Doctor turned his sonic on again, then turned around, “we’ll have to do this periodically, because of the sonic’s noise. Just be prepared.” With that, the Doctor walked off, leaving Clara and River rolling their eyes, as if they didn’t know the sonic buzzed and could attract attention. The trio continued their trek forward, which seemed endless. Clara found herself praying for a turn, just to change things up from the endless straight line they were walking in. As they walked, the smell of burned metal began to hit their nostrils, a putrid, pungent odor that stung their nostrils and made their eyes water profusely. Clara was starting to get nauseous, and caused them to stop a few times, as Clara felt very ill at certain points. The smell got stronger and stronger as they got closer, and there were noises that were hard to place that also got louder as they advanced. Finally they approached a door with a small, square window. The trio were just about to look through the window when suddenly it swung open, and everything went black.

Stay Tuned for Part III!


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