The Devil’s Duo (Part III)…

Clara woke with a start, her vision blurred and her head pounding. She could not remember what had happened: all she could remember was the Doctor approaching a door, that door swinging open and then everything going black. As she pushed herself, however, she did remember seeing a flash of silver for a split second before darkness flooded her senses. She tried to move her arms, but couldn’t. Clara began to panic, and began to struggle against her bindings. Suddenly, her bindings began to feel warm, then warmer, then red-hot, causing Clara to squeal in pain and stop her futile struggle. Suddenly, she heard a voice no higher than a hiss, “stop fighting, the more you fight, the more it’ll burn.” Clara turned around and realized to whom the voice belonged. River Song was hard at work, doing what, Clara did not know. Her movements were much slower and more deliberate as she did what looked like squeezing certain links of her bindings. Seeing Clara’s perplexed look, River added, “Cybermen believe human’s to be much less intelligent than them. They fashioned these bindings to open only if a certain set of links has pressure applied to it. The Cybermen are, of course, wrong.” As River said this, the links fell to her sides and she got up and began to do the same to Clara’s bindings, who winced as River came into contact with some of her skin, which had some burns on it.

Finally, Clara’s bindings fell, and the two jumped up, looking frantically around for the Doctor, who was nowhere to be found. River and Clara began to examine their prison. It was damp and dark, and had that putrid burning metal smell all around it, making Clara wish she was still unconscious. Off in the distance, the two saw a door, and they began to walk towards it, trying the lock as they came upon it. Naturally, it was locked. River pulled a device from her jacket pocket, and, pointing it towards the door, began to type frantically on the screen. After a tense few minutes, the lock clicked, and the door swung open. The women stuck their heads out of the doorway, checking to see if they were being guarded. Unsurprisingly, they were not, as Cybermen believe themselves to be superior to humans, and perpetually doubt their ingenuity. Clara and River began to walk the length of the long highway in front of them, River holding out the device she used to unlock the door. “It is taking a schematic of where we are,” she explained, “that way we will know where to go later.” Clara said nothing, until finally blurting out, “you’re the Doctor’s wife?”

River did not turn around, so Clara could not see the mischievous grin that stretched across her face as she formulated her answer. “Yes, we are married, and let me tell you, it was not easy getting him to agree.” Clara smirked, imagining her Doctor marrying River, “I guess with his old face, he had a thing for older women.” River turned around, smiling, “like I said, it was more me wanting to get married. Plus, I didn’t always look like this.” Clara considered this for a moment, then her jaw dropped, “but I thought he said there were no more time lords left…” “There aren’t, I’m half human, Clara. I was born in the TARDIS. Your Doctor’s first companions, Amelia and Rory, I am their daughter.” Clara’s eyes were as wide as saucers as River finished her sentence. “So you can regenerate?” “Not anymore, I used all of my energy to save the Doctor once, so this is my final body.” With that, River changed the subject, “I’m getting some very interesting readings from this direction, let’s go.” The two ladies walked off, Clara realizing how little she actually knew of the Doctor.

The Doctor woke slowly, his head throbbing. As his vision came into focus, he realized he was staring straight into the silver mask-like face of a Cyberman. Fury welled up inside the Doctor as his face molded into a scowl, eye to eye with the Cyberman. “Where are Clara and River,” the Doctor snarled, knowing full well he was probably bound and that struggling would be futile. All he could focus on at the moment was the pure hatred he felt for the Cybermen at this moment. The Cyberman’s gravelly, electric voice echoed throughout the room. “Your companions are alive, but unconscious, they are waiting to be upgraded.” The Doctor rolled his eyes, “have you ever considered a different word? Upgraded is such an annoying word, especially when I’ve heard you say it so many times, with so many faces. It’s really just annoying at this point.” The Cyberman simply ignored the Doctor, “we find you to be compatible, Doctor.” “Oh, really now? What am I ‘compatible’ with? These bindings? Because, let me tell you, I certainly am not, now bloody untie me, you overgrown toaster!” The Doctor made to kick the Cyberman, and his foot connected with metal, making him immediately regret the decision to do so. Angry, now with a pounding head and toe, the Doctor took a deep breath and simply said, “I will not do anything until I am untied and my companions are brought back to me.” Then, there was a bang.

The door to the room housing the Doctor and the his Cyberman guard came flying off of its hinges as another Cyberman flew through the doorway, River and Clara standing in the doorway. River was holding a large gun she no doubt stole from a weapons room. Clara, smirking, asked the Doctor, “miss us?” The Doctor ignored Clara, “River, put the gun down, now.” River smirked as well, cocking the gun, as if to shoot again, and said, “oh, sweetie, you were always such a pacifist.” The Cyberman turned to River and Clara, raising its right arm, as if to shoot the two of them, when suddenly, another voice, gravelly and menacing, rang out in the room, and Clara became filled with dread.

Why have the Doctor’s associates escaped? Explain, explain, EXPLAIN!”

Stay Tuned for Part IV!!


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