The Devil’s Duo (Conclusion)…

This is a FanFiction based on the BBC Show “Doctor Who,” Starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

The Doctor woke with a start, and began to gather his surroundings, starting with what he remembered. Everything going dark as he was laughing at the pitiful creation of the Cyberman and Daleks. His head was pounding, and when he tried to rub his eyes, he was met with resistance and a shooting pain into his wrist. This spurred the Time Lord to look around at his surroundings, and he felt an odd sensation in his stomach, fear, was it? Despair? No, no, it was irritation. Irritation at the Doctor’s own stupidity, as he should have expected some sort of trap being laid out for his capture, especially if this evil duo wanted the Doctor’s brain. Too bad he did not have two of those, like he had two hearts, he could spare them the brain, then defeat himself. Silly Daleks and Cybermen, they really never learn, do they? The Doctor knew there was nothing he could do but wait, so he figured he may as well try to nap, this headache would seriously get in the way of him defeating these two dastardly enemies later on…

Clara and River stood in shock at what they had just witnessed. The Doctor was standing in front of them, and in a split second, or a flash of dark in this case, was gone. The Daleks had now turned their attention to the two women, “Phase one is completed. Apprehend the Doctor’s associates.” There was no movement at first, as Clara and River both expected to hear a Dalek respond with, “I obey.” But that response never came, as the Daleks would repeat this order, though this time, the order ended with the words, “Cybermen will obey. Obey. OBEY.” Needless to say, the Cybermen did not like this, and responded, “The Cybermen are not servant to the Daleks, they will apprehend the Doctor’s associates, or the Cybermen will delete them. What happened next, Clara could not explain. All she heard was River yell, “Clara, down!” and saw a gun blast off a Cyberman’s head, then a Dalek blown to bits. Next, she heard River again, “RUN!”

The Doctor was awakened by the loud crash of the door. Two Daleks and a Cyberman walked through the door. “Oh, hello there, I was wondering when my dinner would arrive.” the Doctor scoffed. The trio ignored the Doctor, and one of the Daleks rang out, “is subject ready for extraction?” The Cyberman went to check the computers surrounding the Doctor, who realized he was on an operating table, and upon looking up, saw a myriad of tools. They were bright, shiny, and there was a drill, scissors, a knife, and other tools. The Doctor rolled his eyes as the Cyberman buzzed, “subject is ready.” “Yes, I am ready! I’m ready for my dinner, untie me so I can eat it please. Oh, and since when are Cybermen servants to the Daleks?” The Cyberman turned to the Doctor, “Cybermen are servant to no being.” the Doctor smirked, “really? Then why did you just take an order from a bloody DALEK!?” The Cyberman turned to the Daleks, lifted its arm, and buzzed, “delete,” and blasted the Daleks, one by one. It then turned to the Doctor, then to the control panel, pressed some buttons, and the tools above the Doctor whirred into life. The Cyberman then walked out.

Clara and River had been running for a long time. Finally, they stopped, and River pulled a gadget out of her coat. “What’s that?” Clara asked as River pressed a few buttons and read the screen. “It tracks the Doctor by his sonic screwdriver, now, this way.” Clara and River continued their sprint until they found the room where the Doctor resided. “Oh, wonderful! Took you two long enough, let me tell you.” “Shut up.” came River’s voice as she pointed her gun at the tools that were now way too close for comfort as far as the Doctor was concerned, and River blew them up, as the debris flew everywhere. The Doctor then barked, “can someone bloody untie me now!” River looked at the Doctor, smirked, and said, “only if you ask nicely, sweetie.” The Doctor glared at River, clearly ready to explode, then, after making a sickened face, said, “PLEASE.” River then blew off the Doctor’s bindings, and he jumped off the table, rubbing where he was bound, looked to Clara and River, and said, “they’re not going to be very happy about this, are they?”


The Doctor, River and Clara walked into the main room again, River with her huge gun at the ready, the Doctor leading the way. “Hello, I’m the Doctor, I believe you were looking for me?” The Doctor walked into the center of the room, trying to keep every Dalek’s eyes on him, while River sneaked to one side of the room, and Clara looked for something large to hide behind. “Well, let’s see it then, show me the Cyberlek! Let’s see this overgrown lawnmower in action!” The Daleks shuffled in annoyance, “the creation is not ready! It is missing the brain of the predator.” “Well, you failed in that endeavor, didn’t you?” the Doctor spat back, “so you must have some back up plan, so let’s see it then!” The Daleks began to swarm around and towards the Doctor, closing in on him, to which the Doctor said, “Oh, this must be your backup plan. Oh, oh dear…” Suddenly, River shot at the Daleks, but one of her shots missed its mark. It instead hit the console in front of the Cyberlek, and the creation spurred into life. “The creation should not be active. Stop. Stop. STOP.” the Daleks buzzed as they began to wheel around frantically. The creation suddenly rang out, “DELETE,” and began shooting every which way, hitting Dalek and Cybermen as they began to fill the room. The creation hit every console, and a red light bathed the room, and a voice rang out, “SELF DESTRUCT ACTIVATED.” The Doctor looked to Clara and River and screamed, “OUT, NOW!”

The Doctor, River and Clara made it to the TARDIS right as flames began to erupt from the entrance to the moon lab. As the TARDIS began to dematerialize, Clara could see an explosion erupt from the moon lab. “You didn’t even need to stop them, Doctor, their creation destroyed them for you!” The Doctor looked to Clara after she said this, and smiled, “Clara, I did need to stop them. Cybermen and Daleks could never coexist. I just needed to remind them of that. Daleks and Cybermen believe themselves to be perfection, and inferior to nobody. They seemed to allow their hatred for me to cloud that, and hatred will always lose, Clara, never forget that.” Clara stared at the Doctor, “but, don’t you hate the Daleks and Cybermen, Doctor? Why else would you stop them?” The Doctor thought about this for a minute, then looked to River, and smiled again, “Clara, I stop them because they are wrong. I do not hate them, but I had an opportunity, long ago, to stop the Daleks before they got started, but I realized I have no say over their lives. I can foil them at any time, however, because they are wrong in their thinking, and will never see the error of their ways. So, I stop them, but I do not hate them. In fact, I pity them Clara. I pity anyone I must stop, because they are more flawed than I.” With that, the Doctor walked below the center console, and left Clara to her thoughts.



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