Hello fellow Whovians!

If you have been keeping up with Series 8 of Doctor Who, as I have, you may have a very strong opinion of 12, a Doctor I personally fell in love with about 5 or 10 minutes into “Deep Breath.” He is manic, incredibly smart, prickly, grumpy, but also aloof. He does not seem like he understands the human race as well as his past incarnations, if at all, and he is not exactly a Doctor you want to get stuck in a dark alley with, since he seems completely willing to put lives in the line of harm or even death if it will help him get to the solution faster (see: “Mummy on the Orient Express.”). He does, however, somewhat defend his actions with the quote “Sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones, but you still have to choose.” This statement describes the new Doctor perfectly; he doesn’t fear the bad decision, a decision his past incarnations may have tried to avoid, he jumps in head first and gets it over with as quickly as he can. He does not like the decisions he has to make all the time, but he understands they are necessary to get the job done are for the greater good. Of course, to us, the viewer, this makes Peter Capaldi’s Doctor seem much more cold and heartless, as we are so used to the warmth and energy Matt Smith and even David Tenant brought to our screens. Needless to say, this is probably the most divisive Doctor of the ‘New Who’ generation.

Aside from 12 and his Crombie coat, we were introduced very early on to Missy, a mysterious woman who oversaw ‘The Promised Land’ and always seemed to appear when a character died, starting with the half faced man and most recently with Danny Pink, though the two do not really meet face to face. Episode after episode, we all wondered, “Who is Missy? Is she working for someone, perhaps one of the Doctor’s greater enemies?” Theories ran rampant, I had many of my own theories. I believe I would be preaching to choir if I sat here and said that I believed she was the Rani, a character who’s only real appearances were with Colin Baker and¬†Sylvester McCoy’s 6th and 7th Doctors and some Big Finish work. Her arc was really for two episodes which did not even follow each other in the series (mostly because the show was cancelled in 1989), yet she is seen as one of the biggest Doctor Who villains in the shows history. She was of course a renegade time lord, much like the Doctor himself, but, like the Master, she is evil and diabolically power hungry. So, needless to say, with Missy’s mysterious nature and obvious charisma, she has to be the Rani, right? Especially since showrunner Steven Moffatt said that the Master’s story was done, and we wouldn’t see him return this series or perhaps for the rest of his tenure as showrunner.

Steven Moffatt is a really good liar, isn’t he?

It was revealed in the latest episode, “Dark Water,” that Missy is short for “Mistress,” as she simply couldn’t continue calling herself The Master, could she? She does have a point, doesn’t she? And, much like the Masters before her, she is in alliance with the Cybermen.

This is what I love about this show, the fluidity of it. The shock on 12s face is just incredible; he didn’t see this coming either! He thought the Master was gone, sent back into the pocket universe the Time Lords tried (and failed) to escape during 10s last stand in “The End of Time Parts 1¬†& 2.” But, again, the Master figured out a way to escape, to survive.

I have no idea what is going to happen next, but I can say in no uncertain terms that this season has been a success, and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is here to stay.

Hopefully contract negotiations have already begun.