The Devil’s Duo (Part IV)…

This is a fan fiction based on the BBC Show “Doctor Who,” starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.


The voice made Clara’s blood run cold, as she turned slowly around and saw one of the worst sights she could ever see. Three Daleks, the most evil beings in any galaxy, were rolling towards them, their eye stalks flailing around, their dome like heads swerving from one side to the other. As they screeched, two lights on top of the dome lit up every time they emit a crackly, gravely word. Daleks and Cybermen? Together? This has to be a nightmare, Clara thought as she looked frantically from River, to the Daleks, then the Cybermen, then back to River. The Doctor’s face, upon seeing and hearing the Daleks, contorted into complete and uninhibited rage as he glared daggers at the Daleks and Cybermen. There was an eerie silence as the Daleks arrived in the room and the Cyberman guard seemed to have discovered shock, as it did not immediately answer, causing the Daleks to again screech, “EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN! EX-”

“OH, PLEASE, WILL YOU SHUT UP! HAVE I EVER TOLD YOU HOW BLOODY ANNOYING YOU ARE WHEN YOU SPEAK?” Clara and River jumped as the Doctor yelled at the Daleks, forgetting the personality of this new Doctor. The angry yelling quickly turned to mocking, as the Doctor continued, “explain! explain! explain! So repetitive, just like that lunatic your creator was, that bloody Davros. Just be quiet! They escaped because these bean cans couldn’t guard a rock adequately! Now will some please UNTIE ME!” The Doctor’s voice rang throughout the makeshift dungeon, the metal walls causing an echo. When nothing happened, the Doctor repeated, slightly calmer, “again, I will not do anything until I am untied, and with my companions back with me, you are ever closer to my assistance.” With that, the Cyberman guard squeezed a link of the bindings, and they all fell. The Doctor landed on his feet like cat, stretching and rubbing where the bindings were. “Now, let’s get started, shall we? First, I would like to know what you two are doing together.”

The Cyberman and Dalek trio led the Doctor, Clara and River down a dark pathway, River still holding the gun. Clara, walking next to the Doctor, whispered to him, “what are you doing? How can this possibly be a bad idea.” The Doctor looked straight ahead, his voice barely audible, “I need to know what they are doing. Cybermen and Daleks do not get along, believe me. For them to join forces can only mean bad, bad things.” This only made Clara more fearful of where they were going. Finally, the party arrived at a large set of double metal doors. “Daleks and Cybermen are compatible. We have decided to join out forces to create and all superior being.” The one Cyberman explained at the doors. “Inside is our creation.” The doors swung open and a large laboratory lay in front of them, with screens everywhere. In the center of the room was a large pedestal like machine surrounded by different mechanical arms and claws. The center of the pedestal was bathed in an eerie darkness, making it impossible to see what was on the pedestal.

“We have created a supreme Cyberman and Dalek combination. What we need now is a supreme mind.” With this statement, the Cyberman pressed three buttons and the pedestal lit up, and the Doctor began to laugh at what was there. The sight did not exactly elicit laughter from Clara and River, who stared in shock and fear at what they saw. What was before them was a very crude creation, very uncharacteristic of the Daleks and Cyberman. What sat before them was the bottom of a Dalek and the top half of a Cyberman. The chest of the creation opened up, revealing the gun found on a Dalek, as well as a small eye stalk in the forehead of the Cyberman’s head. The Doctor’s laughing echoed throughout the lab, until the Daleks finally crackled, “this reaction does not compute. explain.” The Doctor caught his breath and stared in disbelief at the evil duo before him. “You seriously mean to tell me that with all of your ‘superior’ knowledge and ‘perfect’ lack of emotion and surplus of hatred, this is what you believe is what a combination of your powers is? My word, I’m glad I did not destroy you when I had the chance, that laugh was worth it!” The Doctor continued to chuckle as he approached the creation and began to explore it. “Have you named it? I was thinking something like a…Cyberlek. Yes, Cyberlek sounds good.”

“Naming the creation is irrelevant” buzzed the Cyberman as the Doctor continued his inspection. “As previously stated, creation is not yet finished. It is still missing a key piece that will make it superior.” The Doctor stared at the Dalek after the explanation was given, and in a mocking tone, asked, “oh, really? what would that be?” the Daleks, in unison, rang out in the lab, “the brain of the predator is needed for completion.” Clara looked at the Doctor confused, and River gasped. “What do they mean, the brain of the predator, River?” River looked at Clara, her eyes wide and fearful, “the Daleks have a name for the Doctor, and it is the predator, because he constantly hunts them and defeats them. They asked him for help once before, but this is much more extreme.” Clara’s eyes became even wider and more fearful than before, as she watched the Doctor react. Frighteningly, the Doctor began to laugh again. “Oh, boys, you really have learned nothing about me, have you? You’re not getting my brain. In fact, you’re not making it off of this planet alive.

Just then, as the Doctor finished his sentence, the room went pitch black, and when the lights returned seconds later, the Doctor was gone.


Stay tuned for the conclusion!!!!